Braveheart legacy – Part 2

I am proud to return home as a new woman, proving to my parents that I am no longer a screw up! My mom greets me with a hug and praises all my hard work. “It must have been tough but I knew you could do it Serena! Look at these amazing grades! And you even developed some writing skills too!” boasted my mother as she beamed a huge grin at me. “But your last step is to apply for university. If that’s still what you want!”  She handed me an aptitude test that I received from the cute mascot when we first arrived. Of course I still wanted to go to  university! I didn’t go to boarding school for nothing!! I took the test and started going through the questions.

“If every quibble is a wobble, and every wobble is squibble, then what is a trobble?”

Oh my! This is a lot harder than I thought!! Glancing down the page I noticed that all the questions looked quite difficult. I felt a lump rise in my throat before I shook it off. No, I am going to show this test who is boss! I didn’t waste my time going to the best boarding school in Starlight Shores for nothing!! I returned to the test with fierce determination until it was completed. My mom waited eagerly outside my bedroom door. “Well?!” she squealed, “Did you pass? Are you going to enroll?!” I looked at her sadly, causing her delight to disappear. “Of course I passed!  I’m going to university!!” She joined hands with me and we jumped around squealing and laughing.  Shortly after I called the university and enrolled. They told me the moving van would come right away!  I hurried to get my things together and waited outside for the van to arrive.  My mom joined me in the front yard and gave me a hug. “This is all happening so fast Serena! But I am glad you are going to fulfill your dream! While you were a troublesome child you always had great ambition! I’m so proud of you!” she cooed, her eyes tearing up. “Don’t worry mom, I will make you and dad proud!”

A loud rumble of a truck coming down the road broke up our touching moment. I was packed and ready for a new adventure!

When I finally arrived in my new town, I was shocked! The campus was massive as well as beautiful! How am I going to find my way around? I looked out the moving van window and sighed. I hope I don’t get lost.

The driver nudged me roughly. “Hey little missy, now that we are here, would’ya mind tellin’ me where I should be droppin’ ya off?” I looked at him with slight disgust. “The sorority house please! I want to try and bond with a bunch of intelligent ladies!” “Whatever” the driver replied as he continued driving down the street. “We are almost there anyways so get ready to get out. I have a bunch more people to pick up today!” I looked at him in disbelief. No wonder he is a truck driver, he has no social skills at all! Maybe he should have went to university…

When we arrived I hopped out of the truck with my suitcase and greeted my hopefully new friends with a smile. Before I could even introduce myself they were dragging me to the backyard. “Are you our new roommate? Oh my gosh, you’re so pretty!” shouted a girl in my ear. “Who cares if she is our roommate or not?! She’s in time for a rockin’ good party!” squealed another. The girls all babbled around me leading me to the back. “Whoa whoa whoa, wait. You can’t wear that to OUR party.” said a young woman coldy as she pointed at me and shook her head. “You need to wear this!!” she laughed as she tossed me a bikini. “This is a sorority house, and a party. You will learn fast how to dress for certain types of parties!” I laughed as I looked at the bathing suit. Wow, my first party and I just got here! I’m so excited to have so many new experiences already!! I ran inside to quickly change and then ran back out. The girls waved me over to the fire pit, and when I reached the fire they handed me a tiny beaker. “Wanna be cool? Throw this into the fire!!”  I took the little thing and shrugged. Why not? I tossed it in the fire and was amazed at the show that sparkled before my very eyes!

The next few hours were spent having fun, tossing little chemicals and herbs into the fire and giggling about the results. Eventually the numbers of girls dwindled, and I decided to go to bed.  It was so late and I had my first class tomorrow! I definitely need to get some rest! And on top of that I don’t even know anyone’s names!! I hope I will learn them soon though!

After bumbling down the hallways I finally picked a room. It was in the corner and had a quaint fireplace, as well as painting canvas. I looked around the room as I dropped my suitcase on the floor. I can’t believe I am actually here! I smiled and jumped onto my bed and crawled under the covers. I closed my eyes and smiled. I can’t believe I made it….

I awoke in the morning to a large ruckus outside my door! I groggily looked at the time. 5:30 am?! These girls get up wayyy to early! I don’t have class for another 6 hours!! I groaned as I got out of bed. At least I have time to practice some artwork. I am taking an art degree after all!!  I dug some brushes out of a drawer and began to sketch anything that came to mind.

Once I had enough of that I decided to get ready for school. Since all the other girls cleared out so early I could use the facilities with ease.

I left early since it was my first day, and decided to walk to class and take in the sites. It was a bright and sunny day and my senses were full of delight from my surroundings. I looked around and yawned. Oh no! I’m still so sleepy from last night…a party on the first day I got here was not the best idea… I kept walking until I reached class. I was excited for my first lecture and felt a surge of excitement run through my body. I definitely will make it through my day because of adrenaline! Or not…

The professor yelled loudly. “Excuse me, Miss Braveheart! I am trying to give my lecture, so please, tell me what you think of today’s material!” I shot up straight in my chair and looked at the whiteboard. “Uhmmm” I stammered.

“Well clearly you are demonstrating your creative abilities and teaching us how to hone our skills!” I stated. She looked at my smugly. “Of course that is what I am teaching. You want to be an artist not a crummy illustrator do you not? Now pay attention!” she spoke sharply. I nodded in agreement.

After class was finished I gave a sigh of relief and decided to head home.  I was feeling a bit parched, probably from all the drool I left behind when I fell asleep. I opened a can of soda that was in my bag but to my surprise it did not want to co-operate.

Already on my first day I realized that I needed better time management skills, and I would have to work hard if I wanted to party AND have a great time in class. While I groaned about my horrible day I was still excited to gain new experiences in university.  Even if it meant I had a soda can explode on me for the first time in my life.


3 thoughts on “Braveheart legacy – Part 2

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  2. Haha, poor girl! She worked really hard to get into school but she’s not having the best of luck right now, is she? Hopefully she can turn that around! Psst, if you’re going to sleep in class, don’t pick a seat in the front row!

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