Braveheart Legacy – Part 1

Oh hey there, I didn’t see you! I guess you decided to take a peek into my life, as a teen who aspires to one day attend university! I haven’t had the easiest life,with my father being a vampire and all!  His goal in life is to turn the town into vampires like him, but unfortunately that didn’t work out so well! An angry mob ran us out of town, forcing us to move to a new place! While I was sad that I couldn’t stay in my hometown forever, I was excited to move to a new place and gain valued life experiences! It was the most exciting time of my life, and I couldn’t wait to arrive!!  My mother left me in suspense as she purchased our new home through her smart phone while my dad drove our vehicle through the night.  The suspense was killing me, so I decided to go to sleep. Sleep makes you get there faster, doesn’t it?!

When I woke my groggy eyes, I was shocked to see where we were! We had arrived in a new town called Starlight Shores! I was so excited, as my favorite magazine was SF magazine, which interviewed many famous stars from here! I couldn’t believe my new town was going to be a famous place like this!

My mom looked back and smiled. “I knew you would love this place!”, she said happily.  “But Serena, I want you to know that our new home isn’t as great as our last. We had to pick a smaller place to start our new life in, okay?” I nodded in agreement. I didn’t care, I was experiencing such delight from being in a new place, a famous place at that!! While being famous wasn’t my main interest, I still wanted to be friends with a celebrity one day!

My dad chuckled at my mother and I while he pulled up to our house. “This is it!” he said proudly.  We all hopped out of the moving truck to check out our new place.

I was ready to run inside and check the place out, but my dad stopped me before I could start the fun. “Whoa, wait up Serena. Your mother and I have something to tell you.”  I gulped, as I didn’t want to have the fun ruined already.  “Because of my last little incident, we decided that I would… I… I’m going to join the military.” My dad swallowed hard after those words. I was shocked! I didn’t know what to say, and I stood there silently. “Now now, Serena, it won’t be forever. Your father just needs to learn to control himself, and what better way than to join the military?” said my mother in a cheeky tone.  I laughed and nudged my dad. “I guess it’s okay” I said wearily. “I want to try and focus on my studies so I can get into university or college!” My parents smiled as I bound inside the house. I hoped that I could get to university some day, no matter what….

Later that day a knock on the door interrupted our unpacking. “Who could that be?” asked my mother curiously.  I jumped up and ran to the door. “I’ll get it!” I shouted.  I opened the door excitedly to see a boy in a llama costume. “What the….” I started.  “Hey there pretty lady, and welcome to Starlight Shores! You look like you will be heading to university soon! Well let me introduce myself, my name is Logan, and I am the universities mascot! I came to give you some sweet swag, and an aptitude test you can take when you’re ready to attend university!”  I was so thrilled that we spent the afternoon chatting.

The next day my father began his training for his new job, while I was off to school.  My mom spent her time tending to her garden.

My father struggled to gain stamina at a local gym, but he was inspired by the harsh coaching words of a near by team and decided to not give up! He was going to get in the best shape of his life!!

Meanwhile my naughty self actually skipped school to go on a date with the handsome boy Logan. We went to the fair and entered into a hot dog eating contest!  I didn’t win, but it was definitely a better time than being at school!!

That night when I returned home, my mother greeted me neutrally…. “Oh hello Serena. So glad you are home. I am a bit busy right now, would you mind making supper?”  I gulped. “Of course mom, I don’t mind.” I was terrified that she might have found out that I skipped school.  I had always been a bit of trouble but I never realized how important attending school was if I wanted to get into the university of my dreams. I got out the dishes and started making macaroni on the stove.  I must have been really lost in my thoughts because the pot started on fire!! “FIRE!!!” I screamed!!

“SERENA BRAVEHEART!!!” my parents screamed harmoniously. My father panicked as we had just bought this house and couldn’t afford insurance yet.  My mother rushed over to help me put out the fire.

When the fire was finally extinguished, my mother wiped her brow and turned to me. “Serena, that is the last straw.  You need to learn just as much as your father a good lesson. I am sending you to boarding school.”  I stood there, stiff as a board. I couldn’t believe that I pushed my parents so much with my actions. And even worse, I almost burned down our new house. “You’re right”, I said.  “I need to focus on my life if I am going to achieve anything.” I moped towards my room and shut the door. I had a lot to think about.

A few hours later my father came and knocked gently on my door. “Serena” he said. “I finally got drafted, so I have to leave tonight. I wish it wasn’t today, any other day I would have preferred.” He sat on the edge of my bed and looked me in the eyes. “Serena before I go I want you to know how much I love you.  You and me both have made some silly mistakes, but look at us now. While it seems hard, we are going through life changes that will help us grow as individuals. You’ll see. When you come out of boarding school you will have so many skills that you will be ready for your university experience, don’t you worry.” I looked up and smiled. “Thanks dad. I’m really going to miss hanging out with you.” I hugged my dad tightly. “I know he said. But don’t worry, I’ll be back.  I’ve got my vampire vigor, nothing bad will happen to me!” he said with a wink. I laughed and said goodbye to my dad. He was right about everything. I’m going to work hard just like him to be a better person.  As he left I crept to the living room to watch my parents outside.  My teary mother gave him a goodbye kiss and a hug. It was sad, but we all knew that this was to have a better family.


After I was finished spying I went to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be the start of my own journey.


6 thoughts on “Braveheart Legacy – Part 1

  1. Oooh, sad that her dad is leaving so soon. It’s also pretty sad that she just got to a new town, especially one that she was really excited about, and will now be sent off to boarding school! Hopefully that experience will help prepare her for University though!

  2. Awesome start! I have a couple of tips for you 🙂
    -Type in “hideheadlineeffects on” into your cheat tab in game, this removes plumbobs, thought bubbles etc which allows pics to be more realistic
    -Try to center the pictures around what is happening a little bit more so for example, make the fire the center of the picture 🙂

    I’m following this now by the way >:D

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